I’m a software engineer building technology at BenevolentAI. I spend my days creating natural language processing software to extract information from scientific literature in order to discover new medicines.

In the past I did a bit of my own research. Take a look at my PhD Thesis on building computer vision systems using genetic programing if you’re interested. Like all good academic works, it begins with a monologue about fossils.

I enjoy reading, and occasionally write things down myself. Here’s something I’ve written. Tell me if you figure out whodunnit.

I’ve been programming computers since I was about eight years old. I wasted many of my teenage years cloning games I liked using questionable tools. Since then I’ve written a somewhat better mobile game, and written about writing it.

I’ve worked for financial companies, national newspapers and a farming cooperative where, funnily enough, I probably wrote the most useful work of my career so far: an invoicing system which so far has merrily processed over a billion pounds of orders.

It was written using the same questionable tools that I used for my teenage games. An abomination. And yet, sometimes the what matters more than the how.

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